Birthday party ideas for girl

princess2Birthday party ideas for Girls
These days the birthday party theme has changed from the small
family gathering to sometimes over the top events. Some of the best
birthday party themes come from the simplest things. One of the
more popular birthday party theme for all little girls is the princess
theme. The birthday party decorations colors can range from all
shades of pink and purples to even blue. The party can focus on
one Disney character or several depending on your child’s preference.
The birthday party decorations can be anything from princess crowns,
a princess jumpy castle to food in the shape of wands and tiaras.
Birthday party games could be anything from pin the tail on donkey
to musical chairs. This birthday party theme can be simple or very
well worked out depending on your budget.Another great party idea would be anything that your child loves
and turn it into a birthday party theme. So if your child is into
art the birthday party theme could be an art party. In this party
color is your friend so the more colorful the better. The birthday
party decorations could be a color palettes and art easels. The
birthday party decorations could be a collection of handmade artwork
by your child or artwork that she really likes. The birthday party
games could be making drawings and a prize could be given for the
best artwork. This would require you to buy a lot of washable art
supplies but it is a fun and messy idea.Another great birthday party theme for girls is pirates. Who said
that the boys are the only ones that can have pirate fun? The birthday
party decorations can be the look of an old pirate ship. The birthday
party decorations can also have a cake that can be a treasure chest.
Make the treasure chest cake pink or purple with gold coins coming
out. Use pink, purple, and gold balloons. The birthday party games
would be a treasure hunt or a nice sandbox with hidden gold coins.
The coins could be turned in exchange for prizes.vvvvvvvvvvvvOne of the places I loved going to as a little girl was the fair.
A birthday party theme of a state fair would be a great theme for
a little girls birthday party. The birthday party decorations and
the birthday party games would go together in this idea. Ideally you
would want to have booths setup so that your child and their friends
can play birthday party games to win prizes. A petting zoo would also
be great if your child likes horses. The birthday party games can
be hitting the bottles off the pedestal to win a prize. Another great
birthday party games idea would to be to have a fishing booth where
the child tries to hook a prize. The ideas for this one are endless
and it depends on your child’s taste. However it must always include
cotton candy.
Another birthday party theme that is similar to the princess theme
is “unicorns”. As a child I always wanted a unicorn and
I think that this birthday party theme would be great for children
with active imagination. The birthday party decorations can be anything
from castles to a forest where the imaginary unicorns live. The birthday
party decorations colors can be pink, purple, silver and gold. This
one would really get your child involved because the birthday party
decorations have no set design. The design is all in the mind of the
child so however the child sees their unicorn world is how it should
be made. The birthday party games could include a petting zoo like
I previously mentioned for the state fair theme. If horses are being
used maybe they could dress some of the horses as unicorns to continue
with the theme. The birthday party games can also be board games or
worksheets you find online. The birthday party games can be board
games in the form of a maze to find the unicorns.The birthday party themes can be anything. It really just depends
on what your child likes and what she is happy with. At the end of
the day your child’s happiness is most important.
 The perfect party activity for all little girls (and boys) with dreams of becoming a princess (or prince)! The Princess Adventure is a really fun treasure hunt where all the little princesses must help Princess Valerie, Violet and Vanessa of Morningview Castle rescue their friend Prince Magnificent – who has been turned into a frog and locked up in the highest tower of the castle by an evil fairy! The prince can only be transformed back into human form by receiving a kiss from one or more princesses! In less than five minutes, you can prepare the perfect activity for your princess party!

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