Top 3 treasure hunts for kids birthdayparties

Sometimes you need a Quick solution on how pick a good treasure hunt.

You do want to be sure that the birthday party and the treasure hunt becomes a memorable event and a success.

Here are three very safe solutions for a successful birthday party for a birthday party at home or an outdoor area.

This Superhero Adventure is the perfect activity for any young superhero. Help!
The Gangster in the Green Mask has planted a bomb in South City! Mighty Morrie
needs you to  defeat the villain and get the code to disarm the bomb. An entertaining treasure hunt with exciting puzzles to solve and challenges to complete – all in a really
imaginative setting! You get everything you need to organise a fantastic

superhero party in under half an hour!

Treasure Hunt: Superhero


With our ready-made treasure hunt you can organise an amazing treasure hunt
in minutes! In this treasure hunt you find 30 clue cards, you choose how many
and which ones you want to use.

This way you can adjust the duration of the scavenger hunt, the severity according
to the children’s age as well as where it is kept. This treasure hunt is mainly
for inside, but there are also some clues that leads outside,
that can be included if you wish.

Treasure Hunt for Kids

Organise a fantastic treasure hunt with our amazing Pirate Adventure on the
7 Seas! The kids are sent on a swashbuckling journey in pursuit of the hidden
treasure. With the help of various clues, they sail from destination

to destination where they must solve pirate puzzles and complete exciting challenges
to find out where the treasure lies!

Pirate Adventure:
Treasure Hunt on the 7 Seas, 7-10 years



Treasure Hunt for Kids Outdoors

It’s easy to organise a really fun and exciting treasure hunt for the kids –

Perfect for parties or a great activity for the younger guests at a gathering.

Treasure Hunt for Kids Outdoors Read all about it at

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