Ideas for a treasure hunt


Ideas for a treasure hunt

Most people think that the most important part in the treasure hunt is the treasure.

The clues and the riddles that takes you to the treasure are also important for the total experience. But even if you have made a fantastic list of clues and leads and taken the kids on an imaginary journey if the treasure does not live up to their expectations, you are smoked. So make sure that the treasure consists of candy and sweets, else you will be in trouble. The treasure needs to be a reward worthy of the effort they put into finding the treasure.

Kids treasure hunts

There are several kids treasure hunts on the market. Many have different themes, for example detective treasure hunt, or pirate theme or princess themed treasure hunt.
One very popular theme is superhero treasure hunt but also dinosaur treasure hunt. It´s a perfect spice for a theme birthday party.

A lot more about treasure hunts is to be found at

Organise a fantastic treasure hunt with our amazing Pirate Adventure on the
7 Seas! The kids are sent on a swashbuckling journey in pursuit of the hidden
treasure. With the help of various clues, they sail from destination

to destination where they must solve pirate puzzles and complete exciting challenges
to find out where the treasure lies!

Pirate Adventure: Treasure Hunt on the 7 Seas, 7-10 years

This Superhero Adventure is the perfect activity for any young superhero. Help!
The Gangster in the Green Mask has planted a bomb in South City! Mighty Morrie
needs you to

defeat the villain and get the code to disarm the bomb. An entertaining treasure
hunt with exciting puzzles to solve and challenges to complete – all in a really
imaginative setting! You get everything you need to organise a fantastic

superhero party in under half an hour!

Treasure Hunt: Superhero




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